Walk-in Tub Cost

Walk-in Tub Cost

$2,500 and Below

When walk in bathtub prices fall within this price range, they are considered below market value. With cheaper options, the quality is sacrificed so buyers should be careful not to purchase solely based on price if they can afford not to. If having to stick within a budget, know that if you see a bathtub under $2,500 that isn’t an imported, open box or returned item, it will most likely be of a much lower quality than the other tubs available. Lower prices are always more appealing but a bathtub within that price range could ultimately not be worth it. Companies that sell lower-end walk in tubs generally install low end components such as tub frames, fiberglass, jet systems, drains and faucet sets and usually don’t offer any installation or customer service to assist customers.

$2,500 – $5,000

This price range is considered to be average and is the most popular price point for a walk in tub purchase. When a walk in bathtub costs an amount in this range, buyers can feel certain they are receiving a high quality product, at a fair price point. This price does not include installation but often includes additional add-on features including hydrotherapy options.

$5,000 – $7,500

For a good quality product, these are normal walk in bathtub prices for an installed price point. This is what we suggest you spend when having a company provide a turn-key package for you. The lower end of this price range may offer a standard higher end walk-in bathtub , including extra features such as hydrotherapy jet packages and more.

$7,500 – $10,000

This is another installed price point so it includes the price of the walk in tub with installation fees. With this price point, these bundled packages usually include a specialty sized tub and/or hydrotherapy features. Is is not uncommon to pay this much for a specialty tub with installation.

$10,000 – $12,500

Walk in tub prices at this price point are heavily marked up and buyers should be able to find tubs with installation for less than $10,000.

$12,500 and up

If quoted an amount this high, the tub dealer is attempting to make a hefty profit at your expense. There is no need to pay this much money for other high-end walk in tub. Many other options can be purchased and installed for much less.
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