Therapeutic Benefits

Therapeutic Benefits

The walk-in tubs come primarily with the following safety constituents:

  • High wall height. The elevation mostly measures from 37 to 47 inches. This decreases the chances of a person falling out of the bath tub or through the glass of a shower door.
  • Chair-height bathtub seat: The seat is tall enough and has a rough surface that prevents slipping. It therefore allows for safer bathing. A person with mobility problems can also comfortably get up from the position.
  • Textured floor: All models listed here include a textured floor surface in order to prevent slipping. Do not buy a walk-in tub without this feature.
  • No less than two grab bars: The customer can select the bars during installation. The locations of these bars should also be chosen to suit the bather. The preferred bar location for a left handed person is different from a right handed person. One grab bar may also be included depending on the consumer’s wants
  • Anti-scald regulator: The tubs come with valves that control the water temperature and prevent it from getting too hot and causing injuries.
  • Some tubs have the in-line electric heater: The heater keeps the water at a steadily warm temperature while the hydrotherapy jets are in use.

Additional benefits include:

  • The tub can be compressed to fit into the space available.
  • The shower head is mobile or is fitted to a flexible rod.
  • Chlorine and other chemicals are not added unlike in the Jacuzzi or hot-tub.
  • The double drains allows for drainage in approximately 80 seconds.
  • The cleaning system that comes with the tub helps to prevent mold.
  • The surface is also wide for convenient cleaning

Walk-in Bathtubs are a safe option for the elderly. They provide the features of old-fashioned bathtubs but come with some enhancements. They additionally pay attention to the market segment they serve. The differential benefits below attest to the value of these luxury-heightening bathtubs:

Hydrotherapy Curative Advantages

This bathtub corroborates the fact that water is a powerful healer. Water reduces on the force of gravity and makes your body lighter. The compression on joints and muscles therefore eases.Correspondingly, water works on internal body parts. It harmlessly slows the activities in the organs. It also improves the flow of blood in the body and helps with the pain. This is by facilitating enzymes and endorphins.

Hydrotherapy is a natural treatment for several ailments. It is inexpensive and does not require visits to the doctor. The aged and physically challenged find these bathtubs multi-purpose and accommodating. They not only assist with physical pain but also help to tone-down negative feelings. They are similarly a great change from medicine and have no side-effects.

Chromotherapy Benefits

Chromotherapy is healing through colors. Different colors have dissimilar effects. Red helps to lessen back pains since the color symbolizes warmth and transmission. Orange helps with kidney and skin problems. The color is a representation of imagination and positivity. Yellow is a color of happiness and helps with dark emotions. Chromotherapy works well when combined with hydrotherapy.


The amount of recreation this bathtub provides is worth investing in.These bathtubs redefine bathroom function to mean a semi-spa and semi-hospital. It becomes a place where one can wash off the daily sweat, relax and also recuperate. These bathtubs are welcoming to all family members and are a great addition to the home.

Besides all these personal benefits, the bathtubs are a long-term financial investment. They increase the going price of a house. The safety inclusions that come with these bathtubs make them suitable for abiding use. You can use it in your youthful years all the way to sunset years. It serves its purpose and more so with the passage of time.